Pixel Piracy

Build your ship, hire a crew, then start plunder!


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Pixel Piracy is a combination of strategy, simulation, and roguelike games in 2D where players control the captain of a pirate ship, who has to perform all the duties befitting that post.

Early on in the game, you must create your pirate ship, building it from scratch with blocks you find in your inventory. In other words, you can unleash your imagination and build your ship exactly how you want it.

But a pirate captain needs more than just a vessel, and you'll also have to hire a crew. To do this you have to go through the game's taverns hiring pirates who strike you as up to scratch. That said, keep in mind that each pirate you take on will demand wages and you'll have to pay them.

While you’re in the city you can also purchase different equipment for your crew, ranging from new swords and stronger weapons to hooks for boarding other ships.

Once you have a ship and a crew you can travel the world trying to plunder beaches, enemies, towns, and anything else you can find. But be careful, because if your hero dies, you will have to start over again from the beginning.

Pixel Piracy is a fun standalone game that combines several distinct genres to form an exquisite whole, and when you throw in the pirate setting, this game should never go out of style.
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